Below you will find a list of projects, some ongoing some complete. These will change over time as they are created and/or binned. There shall be a small description detailing my thoughts behind each project with a link the Gallery of images.

Project - Urban Light

Here I am trying to convey my fascination with street light, specifically the way it falls on its surrounding foliage and vegetation. I've often wondered why I seem to find this light so evocative and mesmerising. It may stem from many years of night shift along with long winter nights where the majority of light I was privileged to was that which fell from our street lights. The shift away from traditional yellow light to a more daylight mimicking white light used on our urban street lamps has also been a factor in my adulation. 

This page is an ongoing project where I hope to continually add (and remove) images I find intriguing and perhaps beautiful, captured in the wee hours at various times of the year to show the change that comes to these small areas of light and life.

Click HERE to view the Gallery of images.

Cab With A View

I have started a wee project that will fill some of my down time at work as a freight train driver. I often stop in loops or on site in some irregular places. I love the views I come across at work with varying light at all times of day but it is not possible or allowed to photography while driving (obviously) but I have since purchased a Sony RX100 ii which easily fits in my pocket while producing excellent quality images. So I have started to make a minute and capture the views from the side windows of my cab. I plan to continue with this project indefinitely capturing all seasons and light as well as some very unconventional landscapes. Click here to view the first batch of images and bookmark to return and see it develop over time.

Clients Page

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