My Ordinary Week #9

Week #9 was one that was mainly about getting back to the routine. The holiday was over and it was time to go back to work. There were a few welcome surprises though, that had arrived while I was away and they would more than help soften the blow.

Sometimes it seems difficult to place an order for a book well in advance when you pay the money and then need to wait a few weeks or months before it arrives. But with so many great books on the market and most being on a limited run it is the way it is these days. For me it actually adds to the excitement and also a breath of fresh air when something isn't instant which goes against the norm of todays world of technology. So when I opened the door to a few parcels my holiday blues quickly began to lift. 

I had been hugely anticipating Bruce Percy's book especially after seeing his talk at On Landscapes Meeting of Minds Conference and it didn't disappoint, page after page of inspiring images each projecting the sense of feeling for each images' location. Simplifying an image is one of the many useful pieces of advice I took from seeing that talk.

Kozu Books added another 3 books to their Landscape Editions with John Irvine and his local woodland work, Mark Littlejohn with a stunning collection of landscapes made with his phone and Andy Gray with his gorgeous Abstract Landscapes. Now with 13 volumes, Kozu have a great collection worthy of anyones coffee table or book shelf, each volume has it's own charm and I often pick one at random to peruse with a nice glass of red in the evening.

There wasn't much photography from me this week but I did have a play with a few phone poolside images from holiday when I had 5 minutes down time at work.

My highlight of the week though was a fleeting sleeper journey to London to meet up with Mr Doug Chinnery to nip his brain for information on Stock Photography on a small workshop he was so kind to put on. The man is a fountain of knowledge and will gladly help anyone whenever it's possible. Gaining loads of valuable information along with the good company was just what I needed as I aim to leave as many doors as possible open with like so many these days, my work environment going through big changes leaving some uncertainty to my future.

The day was mostly about talking and listening but there was some time to try and practice the art of shooting for stock at Canary Wharf and Camden Loch. I'll admit I didn't make much use of the locations as I struggled to get my head around the different perspectives of shooting specifically for stock. But I enjoyed the walk round a new place if nothing else and took a few detail shots on the way.

Far from anything stock worthy at Canary Wharf but I just went for some observations as my brain wasn't at full flow, I'll use the sleep on the way down as my excuse.

Similar at Camden but I did enjoy the hustle and bustle. I'd like to spend a full day here at least to get a good feel for the place.

It was a great day and I left with my head full of valuable information I hope to put to use in the near future. A big thanks must also go to the very talented photographer/London Cabby and newly made Grandfather Terry Gibbons for keeping us safe and getting us through London to the locations.

My journey home gave me time to play with some phone shots again while taking a break from sifting through all the notes taken during the day.

That was just about #MyOrdinaryWeek which very much lived up to the name. Please forgive the two in one week this week but it allows me to move the publish day from Monday as describe in MyOrdinaryWeek #8 and although a day later than I said this would be, it will now be published on Thursday evenings and bring the blog closer to the week in question.

There was just enough time on the Sunday to spend the day with my wife at the Merchants Festival in Glasgow City Centre where there were, like Camden an abundance of interesting characters about.

Thank you once again for reading and hope you will return.

Until next week......