My Ordinary Week #6

Mostly this weeks limited work was a continuation of last week, with me visiting the same places of work at similar times it was mostly mobile shots and the wee Sony Rx100ii that got utilised.

So on the same night and same time as the week before I was once again at Falkland Yard near Ayr with 20 minutes to spare in the dark light of this dreary summer. I once again played with movement in the wind of the wild flowers in the overgrown areas of the yard to try and make dark mysterious images.

I was again attracted to the horizon once more with the blowing long grass bridging the gap between darkness of the shrubs to the relative light of the night sky.

With this in mind I shot another shot but this time from the higher vantage point of my cab and with the Samsung S8. This was part of an idea that was to make an image of my nights work where I had capture various scenes and objects with the intention to create something using the Photoshop Mix app on the phone. I collected 4 images in total, ranging from the night sky as I started my shift to abstract details on brief stops finally finishing with the above mention shot from the cab.

Using these I had a play with Photoshop mix the next day and came up with this image.

I continued this theme and captured some more images while taking the kids around the park on their bikes. This time using the manufactured lines of the planted trees and the texture on their bark.

Again using PS Mix on the phone to make what I felt was an image of a little interest.

Other than that there wasn't much more to choose from for the blog this week mainly because of work but also because of packing everything up to go on holiday to Italy to meet up with my family in Tuscany. After arriving on the Sunday late afternoon I managed to grab to a quick snap from our first evening. 

This is a scene that I've missed after spending every summer growing up here and only now am I starting to appreciate this places beauty, hopefully there will be more images from here next week if I've managed to scape free for a short time.

In the mean time, thank you once again for reading and if you like it then do feel free to share it.

Until next time.......