My Ordinary Week #19

With a week of late/night shifts and with darkness falling earlier my opportunities for photography were going to be very limited. So on my first shift I new I had about 20-30mins at a yard on the Ayrshire coast that I like to explore, especially in darkness or twilight. So as usual I went with the wee Sony in the bag ready to put my break to good use.

It was only when I got the camera out my bag that I was shocked to see the LCD screen had cracked and only capable of displaying those fateful lines and blotches that mean its a goner. I didn't want to waste my moment of fun though so I got the phone out and played around with the Pro settings of the Samsung S8, something I haven't done enough of. 

I usually like to play around with intentional camera movement (ICM) in these moments in the darkness and this was no different except for the camera I used.

Next up was finding how I would get the Sony fixed. A quick look on the internet suggested it was possible to do a DIY job and I managed to find a new screen for £13 too. I had nothing to lose as long as I was careful not to do anymore damage although for such little expense I was sceptical this would bring any success. 

The next day the screen arrived and I found an hour free to give it a go. Armed with some screw drivers, tooth picks and a torch off I went.

I got instruction from this youtube vlog and although it was particularly fidgety I had it all done within the hour and to my great surprise it has been a success with no issues to date. 

So I had went from despair to delight to get the wee Sony back up and running again especially in time for a short trip back to Barga, Tuscany with my wife, Louise. Arriving on Sunday afternoon allowed us time for a little wander around the town before a nice meal and a few glasses of wine. The streets were far quieter than our summer visit but it was wonderful to see the calmer side of the town. 

It was a good first evening although the following day was going to be more about the landscape and checking a few locations I'd spotted in the summer, hoping for a bit more atmosphere and dramatic light. But that creeps into next weeks adventures and so My Ordinary Week #20.

That's it for this week, short and hopefully sweet but I hope you found something of interest and if you ever break an LCD maybe it's worth sourcing a replacement and giving it a go yourself.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment or share.

Until next week........